A Bad Credit Card Can Boost Your Credit Score

boost credit scoreHave bad credit and want to improve your credit score? Apply for a bad credit card. Even if you have very bad credit, there are many lenders who have bad credit card products, available for clients with low credit scores. The problem isn’t finding a credit card product, but to make sure that you don’t get taken to the cleaners on high interest rates, annual fees, signup fees and more. If you know how to compare credit card offers, you can find a bad credit card to help you get back on track.

Some lenders send out costly offers expecting that you’ll jump at the first card you are offered. These lenders add outrageous fees, which can total over $200, just to open an account. Some of the typical fees they charge are high annual fees, a one-time application fee, monthly fees if you are late or over limit, and of course an interest rate way over market rates, from 10% and up. The interest rate will get jacked up another 10-15% if you do go over your credit limit or are late with a payment. Not all lenders charge high fees and costs, so don’t just take the first offer you get in the mail. Before applying for a card, do a search for bad credit cards online, and look for cards from larger, nationally-known lenders.

Even with bad credit, you can find a reasonable deal on credit cards. Most card companies will look at your credit rating of course, but that’s not the only factor when you have bad credit. A lender will also check your income. Your income will override your credit score in some cases if you have steady income, meaning a regular W2 job for at least 3 months at the same employer, and your income is sufficient to pay your debt. Usually, a credit card lender will start you off with a small credit limit, about $300, to see how you handle the payments.

Of course, with bad credit you will pay higher than the market interest rates, but you shouldn’t accept a card that has an application fee or other one-time charges just to apply for and be approved for the card. Keep shopping until you find a card company that offers you a chance to rebuild your credit, and doesn’t start you off with a lot of debt right at the outset.

Once you receive your card, be sure to make the payments on time! That’s the reason you want to apply for a bad credit card in the first place, to repair your credit. By making your payment on time with this card, your credit score will start to improve.

Get a Bad Credit Loan

Online loans with bad credit are able to help you meet urgent financial needs that just cannot wait until your next paycheck.  You can go to your bank or ask your friends or family for a loan.  You can also look for dependable lenders who offer online loans with bad credit.

Bad Credit

Online loans with bad credit may be just what you need when you have a bad credit history.  There are many lenders you can apply for a bad credit loan and who will make a decision quickly and use the money for any needed purpose, whether it is debt consolidation, plumbing work, car repairs, or medical expenses.

Research the Internet

Some lending institutions can often give you a loan within minutes using their online service and the cash is then transferred to your bank account in less than one working day.  Research on the internet can help you to find a reliable lender who specializes in providing online loans with bad credit.

Lending History Overall

According to Equifax credit reporting bureau, loans to individuals whose credit is less than flawless has enlarged significantly from 2011 to 2012.  Moneylenders have amplified lending to individuals with bad credit because it is these loans that are currently very cost-effective.  They are more than willing to lend to those individuals who had good credit prior to the downturn of the economy.

Explore your Options

You need to explore your options and shop around before you sign up to get online loans with bad credit.  See if you can get a loan from a relative or friend.  If your bank is reluctant to provide you a loan, look for credit unions as they might be willing to meet your requirements.


You can always ask someone with good credit to act as a co-signer or use some asset as collateral to get a loan.  This will make it very easy for you to qualify for online loans with bad credit.  But remember, using your home or car as collateral can be dangerous since you could lose it if you fail to pay on the loan.

Only Good Reasons

Borrow only when you really need the money and make sure you can afford to pay back the loan on time.  You really cannot afford to borrow money to binge on shopping sprees if you are already late on present debts.  Online loans with bad credit can offer a chance to rebuild your credit score.  If you use the loan sensibly and make every payment on time, your credit score will mend.

Research Online

Read reviews online to check the character of the lender.  Go carefully through the fine print and watch out for fees that could be hidden.  Customers prefer to deal with lenders who made their terms readable because that gets them to trust the lenders who offer the best loan deals.   There are many lenders who give a free, no requirement quote especially from those who are reputable payday lenders and who specialize in providing online loans with bad credit.

And remember by getting  online loans with bad credit and repaying them on time can go a long way to improving credit rating so be certain to make your online loans with bad credit with maturity.